LED Tube is brighter and safer


     Save energy: First, 80% energy saving than traditional fluorescent and energy saving 90% than incandescent; Second, 15W LED is equivalent to 40W traditional fluorescent lamp luminous flux, luminous flux equivalent to 150W incandescent lamp. Third, in the same luminous flux condition, the t8 led tube lighting effectively double the traditional fluorescent illumination. 2, environmental protection and safety. a.LED no ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, and can avoid the overflow of mercury in fluorescent tubes rupture secondary pollution, the use of aluminum and PC plastic components, recyclable utilization rate of 98.5% or more. Will not cause harm to the environment. b. Long life - LED light-emitting diode as a light source, the life expectancy of 50,000 hours, is the traditional fluorescent tube life of 10 times.Third, built-in power: the use of isolated power program, and more secure.Fourth, personalization options: a, through the mask Optional: transparent stripes (light transmission rate up to 90%) or expansion mask (soft light, no glare, light transmission rate up to 80%); b, selectable color temperature: warm white (2700K-4000K), natural white (4000K-5000K), Cool White (5000K-6500K) Fifth, good thermal conductivity, effectively ensuring the lamp life a, LED cooling aluminum plate as PCB, PCB heat better than FR4 material several times. b, high thermal conductivity aluminum shell as a heat sink, good thermal conductivity than the PC enclosure several times.Sixth, low maintenance costs. Because the use of dimmable led t8 light-emitting diodes is as the light source, so do not need regular replacement maintenance, saving manpower and maintenance costs. Seventh, there is no ghost, no vertigo. Our company produces LED fluorescent PC shell is specially treated and the particular arrangement of the LED light source from the fundamental solution to these two problems. Eighth, start fast-because unlike traditional fluorescent tubes and ballasts start after starter, LED fluorescent tube faster than traditional fluorescent tubes. Ninth, LED fluorescent easy to transport. LED tube shell with PC material, compression shock performance is good, convenient transportation, LED fluorescent tubes on the market more than the use of transparent glass, but the dazzling light and color is not suitable for indoor use, not particularly conducive to transport, I produced the LED lamp tubes with high-grade PC plastic, soft and uniform light color, easy to transport easily damaged.We have a great production group to ensure our production capability, 150 people on the production line to make sure 50,000pcs of tubes output every month. LED technology is high efficiency, cost effective, energy efficient and environmental friendly. Our goal is to keep on researching and developing super LED light, to offer a bright world. We will let the world know that "Green starts FOSSON".