Demand for LED lighting LED lights usher in the rise of Europe and the United States, or replace tid


With the global carbon reduction for the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, LED lighting demand gradually rise, compared to consumers replace their own from home lighting needs brought by the government-led street light replacement demand is more clear, but the two sides locked LED industry and more standard case in mainland China street, ignoring the fact lamp replacement opportunities in Europe and America began to take shape.

      U.S. penetration rate of LED floodlight about 6% this year, is expected to accelerate to reach 10%, the estimated standard case size of the market will be expanded from 40 to 45%; Europe, although limited by poor economic conditions, but once the economy improves, the huge replacement opportunities also ensued.

      In fact, the higher the tariff in Europe and America, and in the high tariff environment, both the Government and the people for saving products is relatively felt, especially in the United States each Chau Public high cost of electricity bills, do not push the central government, local governments will actively carry out street lights replaced less multilayer barriers hinder government, the U.S. replacement market street will be more rapid pace of development.

      America is currently estimated that about 36 million lights, the end of last year, the United States LED lights penetration rate of about 6%, from around the United States government released tenders situation, this year's estimated market size of the amplified standard case 40 to 45 % this year, before the end of the LED street light penetration is expected to grow to 10%, the future still has much room for growth.

      In addition to the U.S. market, is also optimistic about the development of the European lamp replacement market, especially in Europe, the government is limited by the current poor economic conditions, the real opportunities not replace fermentation, now is the layout and each industry to prepare in advance a good time, once the European economy improves after replacing the huge business opportunity ensued.